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Wifi Home Automation

Home Automation

The introduction of household WI-FI has opened vary many doors to 21st century comfortable living.

With the addition of Wi-Fi sensors, switching and voice control, home automation has become something everybody can afford and should enjoy. Managing your home or office is a simple as saying "switch on #### light", "set a reminder", "Play Netflix on TV" or "play Spotify on Living room Amp". This being said? Most of the enjoyment is not actually said. The automatic timers and schedules set lighting on and off as they would have been done manually. Knowing which lights are usually on at certain times and setting them to go on and off automatically saves a lot of effort and makes for a more fluent routine. Simple reminders like letting the kids know what time it is when they’re meant to brush teeth or head to bed removes the chance of a disrupted schedule. Switching lights on when it’s time to get up also helps aid the process of getting ready, reading the daily news and weather really does allow for a gentle ease into your day with a few reminders of what lay ahead in your schedule.


Security measures

Security measures are a key factor with new age technology, old school alarms and remotes have become outdated and archaic. Thieves have learned how to bypass all of the old technology. As they progress and learn, so should we. After all, we have worked hard for what we have, lets keep it! With the use of hidden cameras, wireless alarm triggers and sensors, they won’t know what hit them. Even the voice controllers listen for breaking glass or loud noises while you are away, sending notifications and pictures directly to your phone. All of these devices can be shared to whoever you feel needs to use them, creating a network of people who you trust and can let you know if something has gone wrong while you may be unable to. Upload information to the cloud, real-time, no more corrupt files or stolen hard-drives getting rid of footage.


Light switches & Lights (multi coloured)

Light switches come in many colours and styles to suit your home or offices interior design or style. Touch sensitive buttons make for switches that never wear out. Controllable from your phone, tablet, set timer or voice control, these switches were designed to impress. Switches available in many colours as well as multi-coloured lights available, remote controlled as well.



Wi-Fi triggers are used to replace rudimentary remote controls, with the simple tap of the screen or voice command, the garage door/s open, switch on alarm or open the driveway gate.

Wi-Fi triggers also come in Magnetic sensor form, attaching these to targeted appliances will alert you to break-in with an object being moved or removed such as TV, amplifiers, laptops ETC. These can be set to trigger an alarm to alert the authorities as well as send notifications to a set device.



Switches can be set to host 8 different timing schedules each. This can include on at a specific time and off within a limited time (on at 3am, off after 20mins), set on at a specific time and off at a specific time (on at 5h30 off at 7h15 and on again from 18h00 until 22h00). Timers can also be set for those annoying lights such as the bathroom light, if it is turned on, set it to turn off after 30 mins, unless told not to.


Temperature & Humidity

Temperature sensors not only have the handy function of showing the correct temperature in the specific area in which it is placed, it also has the function to control a switch. Turn fan on at 28’C, turn off at 24’C. This makes for good fun and a comfortable environment at an afternoon braai on the patio.

Wife wants to know how warm to dress for the day? Great info at your fingertips.


Alarm Clock

Set a morning schedule for yourself and kids separately. Set your wakeup to play your favourite music followed by the news, forex and your daily schedule and reminders, this adds a subtle sense of urgency and knowledge base of what needs to be done, even bug the hubby with what light bulbs need to be replaced.

Kids voice control modules are also available, playing kid friendly music, reminders of projects and things that need to be done. They also include informative games and skill building projects.



Instantly set a reminder, no matter where you are. These reminders are played back on you voice control as well as your phone or tablet. No matter what, the message will be delivered, to you and everyone else you set to receive it.



Ask the voice assistant ANYTHING! “How do I prepare rice?”, “Who won the Rugby?”, “What is the square root of 3276?”, the answers are at your disposal with no idle chit chat. You can even set the speed at which they talk back to you if you’re in a rush.



Play music through any of your voice control modules in any room at any time. Simply say “Play Spotify” and your favourite playlist will start right up! HEOS controlled devices work as well depending on the app being played from.



Play your favourite TV channels through your smart TV or cast device at any time by simply asking your voice control to do so. “Play ShowMax on cinema TV”, “Play YOUTUBE on bedroom TV”, “Play Spotify on Bar TV”. Enjoy your favourite shows or music in full HD.



All voice controllers enjoy a full range of Jokes, Informative games such as trivial pursuit and 30 seconds, knowledge-based questions and more. Amazon Alexa even offers a set of Wi-Fi controlled slam buttons for quick answering games.



Find out all you need to know about your favourite sports star, who won the game or what tickets cost. Get schedules for game dates and times. Find memorabilia online.



With a variety of over 100 different news networks online, get what suits you, when it suits you! Instantly. You can even add these to a reminder schedule.