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Solar systems

Camping & Adventure

Solar power when you need it most.

Make Solar Power part of your adventure.

Camping & Adventure

Solar power can add massive convenience to any camping or adventure trip. Having stored energy to keep food cold, having lighting or even some power to pump a tire or charge a phone will come in very helpful and comforting.

Being outdoorsmen ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to keep count of penlight batteries and having food and beverages get hot in cooler boxes. LED lighting, known not to attract the neighborhoods insects is by far the best source of lighting on a camping trip, these lights consume very little energy and will keep going for many hours.


Camping Inverters

The use of an inverter on camping or outdoor adventure trips allows for the use of traditional 230V household plugs and sockets. Using a large enough inverter will even allow the use of a hair dryer or kettle.


Charge controllers

Charge controllers can be used for both 12V/24V/48V (DC) and 220V (AC) functions. Solar panels can supply power through a charge controller to charge up batteries, this battery power can either be used directly to power 12V/24V/48V appliances or through the inverter to power 230V appliances.