Certified Installations

The difference is in how it is done, Right.

Electrical Compliance Certification


Certification of compliance is not only a piece of paper that shows your electrical work has been performed correctly. This form is LAW and could place you in some serious trouble if it cannot be proven that your house’s electrical workings are not only safe for you, but safe for the electrical service providers maintaining the power lines.

This has been a heated topic of debate over the last few years as Eskom doesn’t seem to want to allow grid tie solar systems to feed back into the grid. Some say that Eskom doesn’t want to allow this as it will leave them making less money from fewer watts of energy sold, Eskom says it’s unsafe and cannot be managed correctly. Either way, the poor residents of Cape Town have had to declare their solar installations and prove that they are in fact COC compliant. You don’t want to be the poor soul who can’t!

Despite all the nitty gritty workings of the paperwork involved, COC compliance is a must in our eyes. Fully qualified installers and products leave everyone at ease knowing that the system is not only safe for daily use but as efficient and reliable as it was designed to be.

An ammended COC and a full COC are two very different pieces of paper, One says that you have added something to your existing compliant electronics, the other says that you are fully compliant and up to date and know what is going on in you own home. We offer both! Let us go through you electical connections to ensure that you have not been taken advantage of, we will glady follow up with the signed electrician to point faults and make sure your home is steadfast and reliable.


Shoddy workmanship & Products

The use of non-SABS approved products, cheap cabling and half-hearted workmanship are a great way to skyrocket the price of your power system. These types of products are cheap at first glance but end up costing a lot more in the long run with failing parts, loose connections and efficiency loss through sub-standard cables. Correct cable size, quality and length are prudent for longevity and peace of mind.


Know who you are Working with

Since the early days of load-shedding in 2008, we have been satisfying our clients with robust, durable and reliable backup and solar systems. Believe us when we say we have seen the best and worst of “Qualified” electricians.

Some electricians even get other electricians to sign their work off, because they are in fact not qualified at all. All of our work, from design to implementation is done IN-HOUSE, we know what we are doing, we have the resume and qualifications to prove it.



Did you know? With our original COC document, you can add your Panels, inverters and Batteries to your house-hold insurance policy. In the event of lightning strike, massive hail or that tree that was never meant to fall over, you’re covered! We will gladly send through any documentation your insurer may require.