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Simply Off-grid (PTY) Ltd is a registered and qualified Solar power and backup power supplier and installer. Coming together as three older companies to create a turn-key solution for your home, office or business's power and automation needs.

ElectroDoor CC founded in 1972 has been the back-bone and foundation for our home automation department. Back in the good old days, automated garage doors, driveway gates, alarms and intercom systems were about the peak of what one could achieve with the electronics of the day. We have strived to lead this market, keeping up to date with the latest technology. Today we have automated very many homes, offices and business. Making mundane tasks simple, effortless and safe.

Home Backup Power (PTY) Ltd founded in 2008 to supply South Africa's dire need to keep the lights on has grown from strength to strength. Forming lasting relationships with both its clients as well as most of the largest, most reliable brand names. This ensures that we will always offer correctly specified superior products at an affordable price. Supplying and fitting backup power systems to fit any requirement has been our forte for almost 12 years now, boasting over 2000 system installations.

As inverters have adapted to use solar power efficiently and the demand for solar power has become a necessity, we found ourselves adding more and more solar arrays onto already existing backup power systems. Although the heart of any solar power installation is a backup power system, this is not always the most cost-effective way of going about this.

Because we already offer home automation services as well as backup power systems and solar energy systems, we decided to streamline the process and amalgamate these companies and their assets into one larger, more dynamic "Turn-key" company. "Simply Off-Grid".