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Keep up to date with the truth on Eskom load shedding, Solar prices and national laws.

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What is the difference between Fossil fuel and Solar energy

Fossil fuel, Driving Eskom "The Jewel of Africa" for way too long! How many of us actually take into account the damages we are causing to our environment? Should we not rather consider more renewable, reliable and cheaper options?

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More on Load Shedding | Reduction

We have all had to endure way too many dark nights and business hours lost through load-shedding What can we do about it? When will it be back? Keep up to date with the facts and future here!

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Solar Technology update

Keep track of the latest bendable panels, solar windows and geysers. Solar panel technology and inovation find new ways to make living more presentable and comfortable daily.

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SMART Solar Automation

Unleashing the Power of Smart Solar Inverters: A Paradigm Shift in Smart Home Energy Management