Power Logging

Track how much power is used, When.

Power Consumption Logging

Sample logging

For all intent and purposes, sample logging is mostly used to form a diagram of how and when power is used in the home, office or factory to create a schematic for energy diagnostic companies such as ourselves, with this information we can accurately gauge what size backup power system, off-grid system you will require. These meters measure maximum power draw as well as average power consumption, logging the times the heaviest draw takes place.

Energy logging can also be used to fault trace Eskom meters, illegal connections or simply be conscious about the amount of power being used at any given point.


Continuous logging

Continuous logging is a great way to keep record of how your power consumption has increased or decreased over a period of time. Once one sets out to go off-grid, solar geysers and gas stoves make a huge impact on power consumption. This form of measurement will show the face value of what is actually needed to go off-grid in the long term.


Rental property

Track your tenants power usage by installing an energy logger, energy loggers are great for tracking power usage on a single line or DB (distribution board) accurately. Most energy loggers are even programmable to offer a Rand value of power used, total wattage, CO emissions and maximum power draw.