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Utility power VS Gas or Solar geysers

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Gas, VS solar geysers

Utility VS Gas (another dirty source) VS Solar Energy? in the largers use of power in our homes and businesses!

Let's start with personal experience shell we?

Quoted by one of our latest clients, "My Wife and I go through 19KG of gas on our gas stove per YEAR on our gas 6 plate stove, yet our geyser uses 19KG in 2 weeks!"

Gas is GREAT! used in the RIGHT place at the right time..

Gas is a great resource when it comes to cooking. YET, not as great when used for the heating of water, which of course we ALL NEED!

Solar geysers are still proven to be the first and formost proven saving of electrical energy! Considering the saving vs utility power, Solar geysers will pay themselves back within 8 months from the saving of utility power vs investment on a solar geyser! Also a GREAT step in decreasing the power demand on an "offgrid" system.

We do offer fully cerified Gas COC installations of geysers, stoves and ovens! The best options are still dependant on what you may require...

We will gladly discuss these options with you! drop us a mail and let us know what your requirement are...


LPG Gas geyser


Seems involved! PLS come see me!

  • 12 November 2019 |
solar geyser

Liam Dames

I got myself a gas stove and geyser
I have need of COC install, please assist!

  • 29 May 2019 |

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