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Viable energy solutions

Solar power is cheaper, more reliable and cleaner energy than fossil fuel!

Get Off Grid and save

More and more private homes and commercial businesses are taking their energy requirements into their own hands!

Let us help you choose the right system that suits your needs as well as you pocket.

We install and distribute world class products nationwide! Don't be taken for a fool, solar energy is reliable, clean and cheaper than fossil fuels. We will also beat ANY comparative quote.

Smart Home Control

21st century power used in the 21st century. Automated home appliances make a home a place of vacation. Set lights to timers, occupied room light sensors, voice activated switches, TV & Music channels. Tempreture control and security.

Home and office automation is far more than just a few wifi controlled switches, It's the new age of security, schedule management and entertainment... It's a Life style!

Let us show you how convenient 21st century living can be!

What we do BEST

Since the early 70's we have been mastering the art of backup power, solar energy, home automation and the use of home automation to manage energy usage.

Take control of your home and business's power usage, not only how it is consumed. Leaving you at the mercy of Eskom's unreliable, expensive and dirty power.

solar off grid

Solar Off-Grid

Solar off-grid systems designed to work completely independently from the grid. These systems can be taylor made to fit any residential property, commercial industry or farm.

grid tied solar

Grid-Tie Solar

Grid-Tied solar systems are designed to substitute the power being used by your home or business to save you on monthly expenses.

Backup power

Backup Power Systems

Backup power systems are the heart of any solar off-grid system. These systems will supply power during blackouts and are adaptable to accept solar panels.

Camping and adventure

Camping and Adventure

Inverters and solar power are a great source of power while braving the rugged terain of the great outdoors.



We host the largest range of batteries to date. We will gladly offer advice on what batteries are best suited to the required operation.

Home Automation

Home Automation

The 21st century has opened up a wonderful array of simple DIY as well as built-in wifi tech that will turn your home into a well organised adventure.

Our Pricing List

Please note that the prices listed below are listed to give a general idea of cost. System size, battery quantity and wiring requirements will need to be assessed before a formal quote can be given. System prices include Inverter, Batteries and battery enclosures.

  • 600Va UPS (plug&Play) R7 550.00
  • 800Va UPS (Plug&Play) R8 460.00
  • 1000Va UPS (Plug&Play) R11 001.00
  • 1500Va UPS (Plug&Play) R13 650.00
  • 2Kw (Hard Wired Backup Power) R28 990.00
  • 3Kw (Hard Wired Backup Power) R36 500.00
  • 5Kw (Hard Wired Backup Power) R54 880.00
  • 10Kw (Hard Wired Backup Power) R82 890.00
  • 5Kw (Off-Grid) Analysis Required
  • 10Kw (Off-Grid) Analysis Required
  • 15Kw (Off-Grid) Analysis Required
  • 20Kw (Off-Grid) Analysis Required
  • 15Kw 3Phase (Off-Grid) Analysis Required
  • 20Kw+ 3Phase (Off-Grid) Analysis Required
100 +
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What Clients Say

We love seeing clients walk away happy, knowing they got what they paid for... and More.

Carin Willis

Carin Willis

Very neat and on time! Now we start saving money and have reliable power.

Luan Vries

Luan Vries

Baie tevrede! Baie dankie.

Barrend Kent

Barrend kent

Great service, walked us through it step by step. Great working with you guys.

Emily Rox

Emily Rox

My UPS is a life saver!!! Thank you so much! Now I can keep working while everyone else sits in the dark.

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